Geology professor traces piece of North America back to Antarctica

Staci Loewy

Staci Loewy

An international team of researchers led by CSUB Geological Sciences Professor, Dr. Staci Loewy, has found the strongest evidence yet that parts of North America and Antarctica were connected 1.1 billion years ago, long before the supercontinent Pangaea formed. Their research is published in:

S.L. Loewy, I.W.D. Dalziel, S. Pisarevsky, J.N. Connelly, J. Tait, R.E. Hanson, and D. Bullen. Coats Land crustal block, East Antarctica: A tectonic tracer for Laurentia? Geology, September 2011, v. 39, p. 859-862, first published on August 5, 2011, doi:10.1130/G32029.1

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