Articles Published by PEAK Faculty

Wang, J., Liu, W, & Moffit, J. (2010). What Skills and Tactics Are Needed to Play Pick-up Basketball Games? International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport, & Dance Journal of Research. 5(2), 51-57.

                Eugene Wang     Jeff Moffitt

                          Eugene Wang and Jeff Moffit

Wang, J., Castelli, D. Liu, W. Bian, W., & Tan, J. (2010). Re- conceptualizing Physical Education Programs from an Ecological Perspective. Asian Journal of Exercise and Sports Science. 7, 43-53.

Wang, J., Liu, W, & Moffit, J. (2009). Arm and Trunk Actions of Overhead Forehand Strokes Used in Badminton Games. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 109, 177-186.

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