BPA Partners with State Providing Internships for CSUB MPA Students

CSUB’s Department of Public Policy & Administration and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) have announced a collaboration where CSUB Masters of Public Administration students are engaged in graduate internships. This is notable as it opens up a large number of internship opportunities, currently involving six students. Also, more than on-the-job experience, the internships include an organized class instruction and training component.
              CSUB School of Business and Public Administration Dean Dr. John Emery added, “DFEH internships engage students in community activities and prepare them for successful entry into the labor market.  Because the internships are competitive, the Civil Rights Clinic draws the best and the brightest students.” Also, if this collaboration attracts greater interest, it may be available on an on-going basis to other students throughout the year. Such professional academic internship experience my benefit students with interest in civil rights, employment discrimination law and in human resources management in general. More information

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