$75,000 Community Health Grant Received by Nursing Department

The Nursing Department has received a $75,000 grant from the California Wellness Foundation for its Community Preventive Health Collaborative (CPHC). The funding will allow the program to operate year-round for three years as   a real-world training ground for nursing students to practice health education in the community. The program offers preventive health care services to uninsured and low-income Kern County residents. Under nursing faculty supervision, CSUB nursing students will set up mobile clinics around the community to provide health screenings, educational materials, and primary care referrals. The students also follow up with clients on the status of the referrals to encourage them to seek continued care if necessary.
The Nursing Department launched the CPHC in spring 2011 with the goal of providing 900 health screenings per academic year, as well as 500 additional screenings per summer. The grant will support the salary of the nursing faculty to supervise the students, as well as the hiring of a nursing student research assistant and a nursing student logistics assistant. The funding also will go toward the purchase of supplies and educational materials. For more information contact Nursing Department Chair Deborah Boschini, MSN, PHN, RN, and Coordinating Faculty member Judy Pedro, RN, MSN, PHN, CNS. 

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