Religious Studies Professor Stafford Betty’s Current Research, Publications, and Presentations

 The Imprisoned SplendorPublished novel The Imprisoned Splendor (Guildford, UK: White Crow Books, 2011)

Gave video-enhanced presentation on The Imprisoned Splendor at Walter Presents, May 2012, CSUB Library

Gave invited (paid for) presentations at The International Conference on After Death Communication, Logos Center, Phoenix, AZ, April 2012; and at the 6th Annual Afterlife Conference sponsored by the Forever Family Foundation, Phoenix, AZ, November 2012

Invited to join SurvivalNet, an exclusive online group of internationally respected scholars and researchers studying the afterlife–its likelihood and its nature

Interviewed on Kardec Radio (twice), Forever Family Radio, and other radio shows in 2011-12

Lectured at Rotary Club West and area churches on afterlife and concepts of God

Offered courses at BC’s Levan Institute on afterlife and concepts of God every semester since 2009

Moderator and co-organizer of the annual Bakersfield Interfaith Conference since 2000

Kindle edition of The Afterlife Unveiled (published 2011) currently (October 2012) ranked number 2 in Parapsychology at Amazon and selling 400 copies per month

The Afterlife Unveiled featured on Michael Prescott’s widely followed blog, June 2012, with dozens of postings following

Completed screenplay based loosely on The Imprisoned Splendor–seeking producer or agent

Invited by publisher to bring out a second edition of The Imprisoned Splendor with new title and new episodes

Just finished a manuscript The Uniqueness of the Christian God: A Debate, a 55,000-word correspondence between John F. Crosby, a distinguished conservative Catholic philosopher, and myself–seeking publication

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