“Academics is Soaring” — From Provost Zorn, March 16, 2016

-The Ethics Bowl, in its first appearance, won the regional competition.  This weekend they traveled to Washington, DC and brought home more hardware!  They made it to the quarterfinals where one of the students reported that they faced a formidable US Naval Academy who sunk J their chances to move on to the semifinals!   Faculty member Debra Jackson, Philosophy, was the team advisor.  Congratulations to all and thanks for representing us so well!

-CSUB hosted the 24th Annual Kern County Regional Science Bowl on February 13 with 31 teams competing with 160 students, 74 volunteers, and nearly 60 friends and family on campus.  Thanks to Chemistry Professor Roy LaFever who is the faculty coordinator for this event.

-The Department of Teacher Education hosted more than 200 K-12 teachers for a workshop “ Choose Your Own Edventure: Technology in the Classroom” as part of their Residency Program for K-12 teachers.  The workshops I attended were lively and informative for the teachers.  These are the types of programs that serve our educational community and build on our partnerships.

-The Nursing Department hosted a successful site visit and received a positive review by the visiting team.  The Masters in Nursing is now accredited by CCNE!!!!

-A record number of graduation checks are being processed for over 1700 students!  All of your work to help those students complete their degrees during the quarter system has paid off and we will see a record number walk across the stage this June!

-A student art and creative writing project “Writing into Color.  Color into Writing” was a collaboration of Matthew Woodman, English Department and Matthew Rich, Art Department.  The painting class painted colored squares and the creative writing students then wrote poems from their interpretation of the colors.  And other creative writing students wrote poems that other painters interpreted in colored squares.  I was impressed with this interdisciplinary classroom concept and the poetry was especially moving.

-The History Department and the Library continue to collaborate on academic talks in the Dezember Reading Room.  The latest was Mustafah Dhada, History Department and his talk on his research in Mozambique where I learned a great deal about the country and its history.

-The Geology Department hosted a fascinating talk by Geologist Jerome DeGraff  “Fire, Earth & Rain:  Emergency response for Wildfire-Induced Landslide Hazards”  that was specific to our region and personal to me as I experienced the mudslide on Highway 58 back in October.

-The Music and Theatre Departments have produced some entertaining shows this fall and the latest I was able to enjoy was the Opera Theatre.

Dean Richard Collins was selected to serve on the Executive Board of California Humanities and  recently was named to the Executive Committee, serving as Chair of the Audit Committee.  This 40 year old organization supports the humanities in our state with the mission “To connect Californians to ideas and one another in order to understand our shared heritage and diverse cultures, inspire civic participation, and shape our future.”

-Our Iota chapter of Alpha Chi, the National College Honor Scholarship Society, has been named a Star Chapter for 2014‐15, a recognition achieved by fewer than one‐fifth of the chapters across the nation.  Philosophy Department Professor, Jackie Kegley serves as their advisor.

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