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CSUB’s “Camp to Campus” documentary premiered Feb. 5th; available for free screenings

Camp to CampusThe “Camp to Campus” documentary premiered at CSUB on February 5, 2013, in the Dore Theatre. The 90-minute film focuses on first-generation college graduates who come from a migrant labor background.

The “Camp to Campus ” project is funded by a $10,000 grant from Cal Humanities’ Community Stories Fund, along with $15,000 in matching funds from CSUB. In the spring of 2012, a diverse group of more than 50 people responded to an initial survey. They shared their experiences of growing up as the children of migrant laborers-some living in labor camps, and some working in the fields themselves- making the journey to college, and succeeding there.

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Bakersfield Californian Foundation Increases Communications Department Scholarships

Professor Judith Pratt, Department Chair of Communications,  was notified that  The Bakersfield Californian Foundation has increased its donations to the  Scholarships2CSUB Communications program scholarship fund, allowing CSUB  to reward more of the best and brightest Communications Department students with more in scholarships.

Miller Contributes to PAMLA Panel on Cinematic Literary Adaptations

Gregory Miller, Ph.D., who teaches in the Departments of English and Communications, presented his paper, “‘An American Tragedy’ Goes to Hollywood” at the annual Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference in Claremont, California in October 2011. The panel considered the question of failed literary adaptations. In his talk, which focused on George Stevens’ ‘A Place in the Sun,’ an adaptation of Theodore Dreiser’s ‘An American Tragedy,’ Miller maintained that successful cinematic adaptations of literature must be unfaithful to the source because film and literature are intrinsically different mediums. Along the way, Miller referenced literary adaptations of “No Country for Old Men,” “Billy Budd,” and “Solaris,” among others.