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Davis publishes book on family’s involvement in the desegregation of the first high school in the U.S.

Davis, Doug. Gifts Given: Family, Community, and Integration’s Move from the Courtroom to the Schoolyard. Bloomington, iUniverse, 2012.

Book description excerpt: “On August 27, 1956 in Clinton, Tennessee, twelve African American students made history when they were the first to walk through the doors of a legally desegregated high school. On that day, integration in the South formally moved from the courtroom to the classroom. Author Doug Davis was a frontline witness to history. His mother was an English teacher at the high school, and his father was a lawyer in the initial court case. Although school opened with minimal disruption, the first week ended with tanks rolling into town to keep order. Later, when the parents of the black students were reluctant to send their children to school, the author’s father was one of three who escorted the students through a gauntlet of angry racists that had gathered in protest. Davis was just eight when this happened, and the memories of those tense days were the inspiration for this story.”

Scully’s work, Bouncing About, released on Navona Records

Product DetailsCSUB Music Lecturer, Jim Scully, is pleased to announce the release of his latest CD project, Claviatures. This CD – a compilation of music by composers from around the world – features his work Bouncing About for violin and piano. Scully composed the piece in 2001 while studying with Grammy Award winning composer/pianist Billy Childs. The piece was recorded in July 2010 in Prague and released on the Navona Record Label.

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Jim Scully – Inspired by Sons and Childhood Memories

Jim Scully

Jim Scully

CSUB Music Lecturer Jim Scully is featured in the November 2010 issue of Bakersfield LIfe Magazine. The article, written by Rob Meszaros, discusses the recent compositions and travels of Scully. Additionally, there is discussion of his familial connections to his art and his compositional process.

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