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Jackie Kegley publishes two articles in peer refereed publications

Racism, Race and Josiah Royce: Exactly What Shall We Say? in The Relevance of Royce, Kelly A. Parker and Jason Bell, editors. Fordham University Press, forthcoming., 2013.

“The Self as Naturally and Socially Embedded but Also as So Much More,” in George Herbert Mead in the 21st Century, edited by Tom Burke and Krzystof Piotr Skowronski, Lexington, 2013.

Professor Kegley publishes peer-reviewed article

Jackie Kegley

Jackie Kegley

Professor Jackie Kegley published “Can We Answer the Many Contemporary Challenges to our Notion of the ‘Human Self.'” Southwest Philosophy Journal, Vol. 29, Number 1, January 2013, 233-240.

Supervolcanic Ash Can Turn to Lava Miles from Eruption

lava picture

The work of CSUB Geology Faculty member, Graham Andrews and others, was  recently reported in ScienceDaily news. The research was published as: G. Robert, G. D. M. Andrews, J. Ye, A. G. Whittington. Rheological controls on the emplacement of extremely high-grade ignimbrites. Geology, 2013; 41 (9): 1031 DOI: 10.1130/G34519.1

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